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The INSHAPE METHOD project is the brainchild of Davide Gemelli to create a complete method that can make people recover their shape and health. Through personalized physical activity, a balanced and conscious diet, a correct lifestyle and the right mental attitude, he creates an individual path, suitable for all healthy people who are willing to commit themselves to obtain a long-lasting mental well-being.


INSHAPE METHOD is a personalized approach that involves an in-depth investigation of the person. The analysis of objective data, collected during the first visit, combined with the objectives of the individual, leads to the study of a path of physical reconditioning and progressive training, at the base of which is food education with the balanced choice of macronutrients .

The method involves constant monitoring of improvements and progressive cyclic programming.


A two-way path in which the person is an active subject who undertakes to take the necessary steps to achieve the objectives. INSHAPE METHOD it differs from most methods because it does not offer shortcuts, it does not want to obtain flash results, which are equally quickly lost. The path is aimed to obtaining one result at a time and consolidating it, in order to avoid the accordion effects. The aim is body recomposition and psycho-physical well-being.


INSHAPE METHOD is the answer to the questions that are asked by all people who are unable to achieve their fitness goals and summarizes twenty years of intense training and experience in the field.

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