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The passion for activity and sport that distinguishes me since I was very young, had me engaged in different sports at a competitive level: artistic gymnastics, judo, swimming, athletics, cycling, triathlon, parachuting. I have achieved good results at national level in the various sports, one of them is the Italian Title in CROSS-COUNTRY MTB in 2004.

After High School, my "sport career " was interrupted for a brief period when I enlisted in one of the Italian Army's elite units; the hours of athletic and military training were endless, but I still hadn’t enough, given the large growing passion for teaching, which made me for a period became an army instructor. Driven by my passion for sports I decided to take leave to attend the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Milan.

Through the study of science subjects like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biochemistry of human nutrition and biomechanics I discovered a further "love" for the human body and the processes that govern its functions, that guided me, not only to deepen my university studies with Master class in Physiotherapeutic Massages, Kinesio taping, Posturology, but also pushed me to begin a new course of study in Osteopathy at the ISO Higher Institute of Osteopathy in Milan, and then to become Osteopath.
I never will consider my education completed because I do not think that there is an end to the deepening. The continuous study and research to improve myself are part of my nature. What characterizes me is a holistic approach to take care of the human body by using the combination of my skills in sports, osteopathy and rehabilitation.


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